Not Blessed Harold Abramowitz

ISBN: 9781934254134

Published: 2010


86 pages


Not Blessed  by  Harold Abramowitz

Not Blessed by Harold Abramowitz
2010 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 86 pages | ISBN: 9781934254134 | 9.46 Mb

In Not Blessed, a story is told not once, but twenty-eight times in twenty-eight shifting versions. Here, a story acts as a chosen narrative constraint, a constraint which, once chosen, becomes a compulsion within the text, a landing point the narrator must reach again and again. Not Blessed: a brilliant twist of a tale, where narrative is spun like politics in the nightly news, deployed in a language that delights and distorts as it winds toward the trauma of non-truth and multiple non-originals. Not Blessed asks: what is the what that makes who?“Set in a frightening and indeterminate present, this bitter and masterful parable demonstrates the somnambulant power of language.

The recurrent memory track studded with Euro pre-modernist signifiers (grandmother – village – boy – policeman – prominent figure – meadow – field) moves incrementally backwards towards no particular end. Channeling the early plays of Peter Handke, Abramowitz draws us into the narrator’s suspect nostalgia: In the southern part of the country when the space was open, and when there were still people to share things with … —Chris Kraus“Runic, rhythmic, algorithmic, Not Blessed mesmerizes with a hidden logic. Through a series of finely calibrated repetitions, Abramowitz nimbly looses the old moorings—beginning, middle and end—setting us adrift on the sea of memory.

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