The Best of Men (Song of Ages, #1) Wilf Jones


Published: October 29th 2014

Kindle Edition

750 pages


The Best of Men (Song of Ages, #1)  by  Wilf Jones

The Best of Men (Song of Ages, #1) by Wilf Jones
October 29th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 750 pages | ISBN: | 8.29 Mb

Something is coming.Seama Beltomé can see it - almost.The four nations of Asteranor are already at war or soon will be. But what’s coming is worse than that.Seama has been reading Haslem’s Song of Ages.

Or whatevers left of it. An obscure history of mankind, it announced its presence by bursting into flames in the Escartine Library. The few pages rescued reveal a tantalising glimpse of the Earth’s deep past, a revelation of Ages and deeds unknown.And they carry a dark warning:what is forgotten cannot cease to have been,a crime against existence cannot be undone,and the banished will seek to return.Seama has been summoned, because now the time has come.Something more frightening than death, an ancient evil, stands just beyond the gates of the world.It waits only on a passage opened, a door unlocked.Seama can hear the rattle of the keys.The Best of Men is volume one of the Song of Ages series, an epic fantasy of monsters, gods, warriors and wizards, of heedless villains and decent everyday people.

Set on an Earth remade - as mankind emerges from enlightenment into a nascent industrial revolution - it’s a tale of high adventure, laced with horror and violence, but filled with hope, bravery and humanity.The Song of Ages series will suit anyone who wishes that Gandalf had done more stuff with his staff, anyone who thinks that dragons should have personalities strong enough to shake your innards, and that demons are not necessarily worse than humans- it will appeal to anyone who knows it isn’t a bad a thing to shed a tear or two.

And if you think fantasy needs a good war, a heap of battles and plenty of sword and sorcery, you’ll feel at home.But expect more than that. Much more.The print equivalent will be 750 pages in length - over 250,000 words.A comprehensive glossary is available to read online at

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