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Rough Ridin : Full Length MC Book Collection  by  Sharon Cox

Rough Ridin : Full Length MC Book Collection by Sharon Cox
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This HOT full-length erotic MC collection contains the following biker books by smut mistresses Sharon Cox and Sasha Stark:Raiders MCEmma Morgan is a lonely housewife who has always felt as though her life was simply passing her by. That is until the day she meets Leo. The allusive, handsome new biker next door. Hes everything Emmas husband Andrew is not- Hes gruff, dangerous, tattooed from head to toe, built like a brick house and dripping in sex appeal. Despite her marriage and the Stepford wife status she holds in her small tight knit community, Emma quickly finds herself falling for Leo, succumbing to her deepest and darkest desires in the process....Saints MCWhile visiting Indiana on business, Andrea -- a drop dead gorgeous but painfully straight-laced business woman -- stumbles into a shady bar and quickly finds herself succumbing to the needs of two allusive bikers...but will she give into her desires or will her conscious get the best of her?

Read to find out how the kinky adventure unfolds!RavagedWhat do you do when you haven’t felt the touch of a man in years and find yourself being seduced by a hot biker, dripping with swagger?Karen Carmichael is in the final year of law school and works for a sleazy bail bondsman named Eddie Everett. She’s not thrilled to be working for Eddie, but the job pays well and it’s not all that complicated. Everything changes however, when Eddie asks her to go bail out a ruggedly handsome biker named Randy Redding.

Karen soon finds there is more to Randy than meets the eye, and wonders just how she will be able to fend off the charming outlaws advances...Sinners MCIsabella is a naive young nursing student entering her sophomore year of college in a new city after spending her entire life in a small town. Before long, she makes friends with a group of popular girls on campus.

Wanting to give their new friend a tour of the city, the girls head out one night, encouraging shy Isabella to let loose despite her inhibitions. After entering the Galewood, a small hole in the wall bar known for its heavy presence of bikers, the girls grab a table, proceeding to get intoxicated.

Before long, Isabellas friends head onto the dance floor, leaving Isabella to her lonesome in the small booth. And thats when she lays eyes on Aiden and his brothers. Five dangerous, rough, and breathtakingly handsome men who make it their mission to bring self-conscious Isabella out of her shell - but at what costs?Rough Rider (Motorcycle Club Romance)The new critically acclaimed motorcycle erotica book from Sasha Stark telling the story of Gem Beach’s notorious biker gang, the Vipers.Reb Baker is a man with dreams, big dreams.

He looks to rise quickly through the ranks of the Vipers, the most powerful crime organization in Central California. He will let nothing stand in his way. Not even his menacing boss, Nash Simpson.Jen Cummings serves cocktails at Shooters, one of Gem Beach’s biggest strip clubs. She’s madly in love with her man Reb, but fears his temper will one day get the best of him. Will she stand by his side during his struggles? Or will her slimy boss Nash seduce her away?Nash Simpson is a fully patched, ranking member of the Vipers. He has a reputation as a cold blooded killer and eyes for nubile Jen.

Will he try to use his power within the Vipers to get Reb out of the picture?Bound By BikersThe new biker erotica book from Sasha telling the story of young Jane&rs

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